Paul Albanese

Paul Albanese, Original Course Design Team, Visits

One of July’s highlights was meeting Paul Albanese, a member of the original design team led by the renown Jerry Matthews.

Today, Paul is the principal at Albanese & Lutzke golf course architecture and construction management company. He spent the morning with us,  talked with our golfers, and heard their Hunters Ridge experiences first hand.

Back in the early days, Paul spent 2 years bringing to reality the Meisle’s dream of a links course on their centennial family farm. He shared that Hunters Ridge was one of his favorite projects!

We learned so much from Paul as he bounded out of the golf cart at each hole – often not waiting for the cart to completely stop! His enthusiasm was contagious.

We got to re-live the placement of each bunker and each tree. We explored the risk and reward strategy at each hole.  Hmmm . . . should you take the tough shot versus lay up and play it safe? These insights were invaluable.

What a day it was! Thanks again, Paul.